Caring, Affirming, and Training for Change

CATCH Projects

CATCH was founded in 2002 and is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation with the government as well as a Non-Profit Company. We work from a property on the border of Mzamomhle which was donated by Mercedes Benz of South Africa in 2003. CATCH has a staff complement of 16 people all of whom live in the community we serve.

CATCH works in the Informal Settlement of Mzamomhle where 40 000 people are impacted by poverty, violence and AIDS

Mzamomhle is located in East London in the Eastern Cape Province the birthplace of our heroes of the struggle against Apartheid

The Eastern Cape is the second poorest province of the 9 provinces in South Africa

Our Mission

Our Mission is to partner with all stakeholders to champion change by promoting human rights for vulnerable children and families who are challenged by poverty, violence and AIDS


Project 1:


The aim is to alleviate the distress of children in the poorest families as well as move the families towards health and self-sustainability

We work with 160 families comprising 900 people half of whom are children

We ensure the safety of the children, places children in school, helps families to obtain life documents, child grants and access to health facilities

We provide space on its property for all families to grow and harvest vegetables

We strengthen families with training parental skills, family conferences and counselling

We provide work readiness training for youth and adults and searches for job opportunities for family members

Project 2:

Children & YOUTH

The aim is to empower young people to be able to make positive choices in respect of wellbeing, self-sustainability and contribution to society


To divert children away from destructive behaviours

Train self-protection from abuse, trafficking & AIDS

Promote physical and emotional resilience

Spot and investigate children in crisis and provide help

Provide sport & recreation

Clubs are held daily for children ages 8–14 years:

Monday VIP Club (100 boys & girls)

Tuesday Senior Boys (160 - 200 boys)

Wednesday Girls Club (150 0 200 girls)

Thursday Junior Boys (140 – 160 boys)

Soccer Club (100 boys training different days)

July School Holiday Club for Boys

CATCH works with 100 teenagers to provide:

Work readiness training

Career guidance

Learnership opportunities


Support groups for overcoming substance abuse

Prevention training around HIV & Gender based violence

Sport and Recreation

Project 3:

Food Security

The aim is to empower destitute families to farm vegetables in order to boost family nutrition and generate income

Project 4:


The aim is to empower women and children who are survivors of violence by offering support, counselling and advocating for justice

A Critical Concern

Healing for Our Children

CATCH is reaching out to 800 children in total each week

We can confidently state that each one of these children has been traumatised by either loss of a parent, abandonment, neglect, sexual abuse/rape or witnessing serious violence

CATCH counsels and supports children who have been violated but there is a great number who do not have the chance for healing

Children carry pain, grief, anger and confusion into adulthood

For the healing of our children CATCH seeks heroes who will partner with us in establishing a dedicated project for the healing of our precious children.

CATCH will provide play therapy and counselling for healing of trauma giving the children the chance to move forward with hope and resilience for a better future

Director: Sue Davies

40 Gullsway Gonubie 5257
P.O. Box 908 Gonubie East London 5256
Telephone: 043 740 0625